When providence struck and converted Chief Willie M. Obiano the Banker and Auditor of international repute to a Politician, many laughed it off as one of the mistakes of time. Nigerian Politics is not for such a seasoned, refined and reputable man. Playing politics the Nigerian way is in a class of its own. It is a clearing dominated over the years by characters with high degree of nuisance value, a clearing for political fiefdom. Chief Willie M. Obiano emerged as the Governor of Anambra State at a time when political excellence was recuperating from long term hemorrhage due to sheer godfatherism. He has rebranded Anambra and restored the lost glory to the home State of the great Zik of Africa, the noble business mogul Odimegwu Ojukwu, the reputable Mathematician Chike Obi, the renowed novelist Chinua Achebe, the notable poet Pius Okigbo etc. The brand of the new Anambra is “Willie is Working”, it is the quintessence of the Obiano formula. It is not a Political slogan as many thought. It is a brand name that has gained popularity at the grass root. “Willie is Working” is not a Political Slogan, it is a Brand. A Brand gathers into itself all the qualities that characterize its product. It depicts in its entirety the actual intention of the Brand owner. This is why Versace, Gucci, Polo, Porsche, Mercedes are revered as quality products. Their brand has been tested and trusted. The new Anambra brand “Willie is Working” made its first appearance at the domain of the common man on March 17th 2014 and ever since has remained positively the developmental slogan of the thriving Obiano administration.
The birth of Willie is Working is the bane of “Men at Work”. Gov. Obiano liberated unsuspecting men from the shackles of economic and infrastructural sabotage. Men at Work slogan, Political or otherwise left no one accountable for work done. It sacrificed quality at the altar of time and reduced productivity to the interest of the ruling political class. Developmental projects are synonymous with litany of administrations and completion is left at the whims and caprices of the leader. Continuity has no place in the world of “Men at Work” leaving the hemorrhaging populace in utter hopelessness and helplessness. But in “Willie is Working”, Gov. Obiano acknowledged that the buck stops with him. He wasted no time in taking charge and accepted responsibility. He assumed the responsibility and accountability that came with his office; no longer the unsuspecting men. In Willie is Working Brand, Gov. Willie Obiano spoke in clear terms to the people of Anambra State, “ I am your Governor, I am doing this work, I am accountable and responsible for its quality”. This is what previous Governors find difficult to do, taking responsibility of their actions or inactions. Willie is Working Brand has thus become the magic wand that brought Anambra State face to face with the rest of the world – it is the transforming formula, the energizing formula, the re-invigorating formula, the formula of responsibility in actions or inactions in the exercise of entrusted duties. “Willie is Working” is the “BRAND” that restored the hope of the common man, it is the brand that repositioned Anambra State within the Nigerian Polity, it is the brand that competes favorably with the generality of world’s known best brands – it is a quality grass root brand. “Willie is Working” like every known good brand is bound to be copied and is actually being copied hence the slogan across the country now: – Buhari is Working, Gburugburu is Working, Okowa is working etc. Imitation follows every good brand and “Willie is Working” is not left out; it has proven itself to be a great brand, spread all over the country but more so, they qualify “Willie is Working” for a trusted brand.
The Obiano formula is  SECURITY = LIFE + SOCIAL AMENITIES AND INFRASTRUCTURAL DEVELOPMENTS. Gov. Willie Obiano understood clearly that “No meaningful development can take place in the face of insecurity”, No wonder the primary function of every government is first and foremost, the security of life and property. Gov. Obiano realized that, “if he fail to solve the Anambra security puzzle, his administration will be dead on arrival”. The entire edifice of the new Anambra Socio-Economic rebirth was built on the enabling environment of unparalleled security. The economy of Anambra State prior to the advent of Gov. Obiano thrived on 4 hours a day Trade and Commerce due to insecurity. The average Anambra man is a businessman or an entrepreneur,  and precisely because of criminality and kidnaps, they get to the market between 9am and 10am and start rushing home between the hours of 2pm and 3pm. Gross insecurity witnessed during the previous administrations forced Anambra citizens to operate within the hours that we adjudge to be less risky. This occasioned massive exodus from Anambra State to Delta State and other parts of the country where most of our top business men found solace and converted to their new home. Our people began to migrate to other parts of the country and gradually started migrating our culture and cultural values too, no wonder most of the traditional marriages during the previous administrations were held outside Anambra State. Gov. Willie Obiano demystified the Anambra security challenge in a singular stride and returned Anambra State to its status as the glorified light of the nation. Gov. Obiano understood that developed countries run a 24 hours economic cycle in line with World best practices. He knew that if security is not restored, he cannot operate like the rest of the world. He targeted night life and restored it to our great Anambra State. You can now traverse any part of Anambra State at any given time without fear of molestation or kidnap of any form.
Willie is truly working and Anambra people are happy. Ndi Anambra are willing and ready to resist any form of rigging that will short change them from benefitting from the good works of Gov. Obiano come Nov. 18th 2017.