Safer Anambra State: Government Commences Clearing of Shanties/Illegal Structures

Following a year long notice and most recently, a one week notice of an Executive Order, the Government of Anambra State has commenced the clearing of shanties and illegal structures within the State.

The operation involving Officers of OCHA Brigade, Awka Capital Territory Development Authority and the State Physical Planning Board under the supervision of Office of the Special Adviser to the Governor on Security, starts with the clearing of shanties spread all over the entrance into Ngozika Housing Estate followed by demolition of the illegal settlement besides Paktonian Hotel, just before the modern Kwata Flyover, Awka.

The exercise which is aimed at clearance of shanties serving as hideouts for various degrees of crimes and criminals will later spread to all parts of the Capital Territory and then through the other urban cities in the State.

If you know any of such shanty-prone areas or illegal settlement, don’t hesitate to inform the above stated agencies.

The good people of Anambra State are urged to abide by the content of the notices earlier served as the operetion is for the interest of all.