Anambra State’s Good Governance – An Attractive Model

There is no denying the fact that Ndi Anambra have, in the past twelve years, steadily enjoyed good governance more than their counterparts in Nigeria.
This is largely due to the fact that their affairs have since March 17, 2006, been consistently managed by governments enthroned by the All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA, a political party which has egalitarianism as it main mantra.
Some of the outstanding achievements of APGA governments in Anambra in the past twelve years include; return of mission schools, taken over by military controlled governments in the seventies, to their original owners, and partnership with the Church in the health sector. The present Anambra state government has also recently introduced a health insurance scheme in collaboration with the European Union, EU, in order to enhance the living standards of the citizenry. There is also massive construction of roads in different parts of the state, thus making Anambra number one in terms of road network in the country.
The state is today undoubtedly the most secured in Nigeria for local and foreign investments. Since the advent of the present administration, there has not been any major incidence of armed robbery and kidnapping. This is unprecedented in nation’s history. Again, for the first time in the country, a government started a people oriented program known as “Community Choose Your Project Initiative.”
Under this arrangement, each of the one hundred and eighty-one communities in the state was given twenty million naira to execute any project of their choice, and immediately collect the same amount of money once they satisfactorily complete projects at hand. With this development, no community has been denied direct democracy dividends by the government.
Again, there is hardly another state that has established socio-economic outfits akin to the Anambra State Investment Promotion and Protection Agency, ANSIPPA and Anambra State Small Business Agency, ASBA, in order to attract investors, and empower small and medium scale entrepreneurs. It is equally a truism that it is only the present government in Anambra state, under the watch of Governor Willie Obiano, that thought it wise to introduce an economic stimulus package to ameliorate the harsh conditions imposed on Nigerians by the apparently receding economic recession in the country.
When most of his brother governors are grossly unable to meet their financial obligations to their workers and pensioners as well as business partners, Governor Obiano is on top of the situation. Instead of resorting to stinginess, the Obiano government prudently pumped money into the Anambra economy and boosted it to the delight of the citizenry.
Civil and public servants as well as retirees received their salaries, entitlements, pensions and gratuity promptly, while hawkers, wheelbarrow pushers and many other less privileged persons are not levied at all by the Anambra state government while levies on commercial Okada and Keke operators have been drastically reduced.
Today, agriculture has been impressively rejuvenated in the state. For instance, the state’s rice production has significantly surpassed her internal needs and consumption level largely because of the palpable peace and security as well as encouragements given to corporate and small scale farmers by the present state government.
While massive construction of roads and bridges are persisting in the state, the Obiano administration is vigorously embarking on “Light up Anambra Campaign” hence most of our major roads and streets across the state are illuminated in the nights for security and aesthetic purposes. This has symbolically lent credence to the state’s sobriquet as the light of the nation.
Recently, Governor Obiano made a clarion call on Ndigbo to massively join APGA to have a united and very strong platform to truly speak with one voice in the national discourse. It would be a thing of joy if Ndigbo should undermine their parochial political interests and hearken to Obiano’s clarion call. This would help them to study and replicate in their states, the prevailing good governance in Anambra state. With this, the Igbo nation would be happier in Nigeria.